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Freebie part 1

449 loops, samples and MIDI packs

  • 449 fire loops, samples

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Freebie part 2

Essential famous MIDI chord progressions

Famous MIDI Chord Packs are the best way for you to set your tracks up to get millions of plays. That’s because your chord progression is the foundation for your track… And when you build your tracks off a solid, proven foundation… AKA the exact chord progressions from the biggest hit songs of all time…

Freebie part 3

Famous Beatmaker templates for DAW

These famous template packs give you the most accurate and organized structures of hit tracks in Ableton, FL Studio and Logic Pro... The best part is, you can get them for free right now. Because we want you to get awesome results with no cost on your end.


What do they say?

Easy to use...

"It lets me play extremely difficult chords that I wouldn't be able to play other wise. I even structured a whole song in just a couple of hours when it normally takes a much longer time"

- Anna Jenkins

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"Up until now, I had been in a writing block, but now I feel like have a tool to help inspire me. I highly recommend the MIDI Chord Pack. It sparked a creative flow in me that wasn't there before"

- Danny Lores